Company Overview

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas is odorless and colorless and is formed of flammable hydrocarbon gases Propane (C3H8), Butane (C4H10), either stored separately or mixed in different proportions. LPG finds wide usage in cooking, heating and as auto fuel and an odor (ethanethiol) is added to it to help detect leakage and prevent any possible damage. LPG is manufactured during the process of refining petroleum or is extracted from the vapor of natural gas or petroleum when they emerge from ground. A clean and preferred fuel source, it currently contributes as 3% source of overall energy consumed. Since the boiling point of LPG is below room temperature, it can evaporate easily and is thus supplied in pressurized steel vessels or cylinders. It is heavier than air and thus tends to settle down in lower ground levels. In rare conditions, it may displace oxygen in the air and pose as a health hazard by causing suffocation.


LPG, beside bring widely used for domestic purpose also finds application in wide range of industries which include agricultural, recreation, hospitality, calefaction, construction, sailing, fishing and many more. It serves as an efficient and cost effective product which is relatively safer to use than its alternatives.
1) Domestic Application:-
• Cooking
• Centralized Heating
• Automobile fuel
• Water heaters
• Refrigerators
• Air conditioners and many more

2) Industrial Applications:-
• Powering industrial ovens
• Space and process heating
• Production of packing material
• Food production and processing
• Heating kilns and furnaces
• Powering forklift trucks in warehouses
• Provides high combustion for ceramic industry
• Varied uses in textile industry
• Production of pulp, paper and cardboard through effective combustion and many more.


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Bharti Gas considers safety as the first priority for its consumers and employees. Safety parameters are thoroughly considered and inculcated in all our business processes and supply chain. We take complete responsibility to store and transport LPG in safe and secured manner. Users are requested to read and comply with the below mentioned safety guidelines.
• Procure LPG only from reputed suppliers who provide quality cylinders and continued after sales support
• Only use approved gas equipment which complies with local safety standards along with LPG cylinders.
• The cylinder delivered to you shall bear Bharti Gas seal on it. Only accept it if the seal is intact
• Every cylinder purchased from us shall bear the logo of our company which marks the genuineness and safety of the product. Please ensure that you look for it before acceptance.
• Always ensure that you purchase odorized LPG cylinder for easy detection of gas leakage.
• In case you suspect leakage of LPG, try to detect the same by using a soapy solution on the gas pipe, joints and near valve. Bubbles shall appear on the surface in case of leakage. Never use a lit matchstick to detect leakage; it can pose a serious hazard.
• The cylinder should be kept in an upright position while ensuring that safe connection is established between the cylinder and gas station via hose pipe.
• Ensure that heated vessel or gas flame does not come in contact with the hose pipe.
• The cylinder’s valve allows you to switch the gas supply on and off. Switch it off each time you go for a holiday. Also make it a habit to switch it off every night after finishing the kitchen chores.
• The gas knob should be switched on for ignition only after you have the lighter in your hand. Do not switch on the knob and then look for a lighter.
• Your presence close by is extremely important while you cook. Do not leave the cooking gas unattended.
• Be careful of spillovers while cooking. It might extinguish the cooking flame and cause the gas to leak.
• Only use steel, aluminum and similar metal vessels while cooking. Avoid bringing plastic or other flammable materials/vessels near the gas station.
• All parts associated with LPG installation such as gas station, hose pipe, valves, etc. should be in good condition. In case of any damage, get it replaced immediately.